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Payment Information

We ask that you pay for all treatment before you collect your pet. We take all major cards and accept cheques with a valid bank card. We advice you look at Pet insurance to help save on high costs, Our staff will be able to provide information on how we can claim the curent costs off insurance if you have one taken out for your pet.


More about Pet Insurance



Your pet may examined using an ultrasound machine which is a relatively easy way of checking their organs are normal without any causing them any discomfort. Our vet will usually perform the procedure. They can investigate heart problems by looking inside the chambers of the heart as it beats, while the patient is lightly sedated.



Your pet may have an x-ray or radiograph taken to assist in diagnosis. This is usually done under sedation or light anaesthetic. Using radiography, we can easily spot fractured bones, tooth abscesses, intestinal foreign bodies, bladder stones, some tumours and many other problems.


We may also use an endoscope to look inside your pet using fibre-optics. Another stepthat us at Sunnyside Veterinary Clinc are happy to take to provide your pet with the  the best possible care.

Surgical Procedures

Picture of surgical proceedure at Sunnyside Roydon  We perform a wide range of surgical procedures including neutering, orthopaedics, tumour removal, reconstructive surgery, caesarean sections, gastrointestinal and urogenital and ophthalmic surgery.


All this takes place in the sterile surroundings of the operating theatre. We always aim to achieve high standards of aseptic surgery.


Clinical Information